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  • 03/02/2017
    Open XS Cluster

    Incorporating the Open XS Cluster into the Lantern Learning Trust 


    As a school we work closely with 4 other primary schools in The Lantern Learning Trust. Through this work we develop collaborative experiences for our pupils and work together to improve the education for all our pupils. 


    In addition to the Trust, for the past 5 years we have also run a cluster (Open XS) to support vulnerable children and their families. We invested cluster money in a range of activities - including Parent Support Workers and Counselling services but our evaluations told us that the impact of our financial commitment was not as effective as it could be. For that reason we made a joint decision to change the way we support these families, and consequently the cluster is closed from March 2017.  We are confident that we can provide effective front line support through our existing management systems which means we can invest more of our money in activities that will help the children and families in our communities. Additional services to families who need extra support will still be available and will be accessed through each of the five schools.

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Welcome to Little London Community Primary, Leeds.

We are really proud of our school and  the community we serve. Ours is a happy school in which our pupils are encouraged to become considerate and responsible members of society. Above all, we want our pupils to enjoy their days at school and to know the joys of learning, perseverance and challenge. 

We want our parents and carers to trust us and work with us. We will work together to make sure every child has the opportunity to achieve their potential because every child matters. We value the religions, traditions and backgrounds of all our pupils and are proud to have over 70 languages spoken in our school.

We want our children to have the skills and knowledge needed to achieve their ambitions and to lead happy, successful lives.

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