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Announcement 17th April 


Parents, head to Oxford Owl for Home for the free Read Write Inc eBooks and other resources provided by OUP. You can sign up for free. The first batch of 11 books has been added:


There are also additional resources for parents:

Hello boys and girls, Mums and Dads, 


We have all worked so hard this year to improve our phonics and reading skills. Now you are learning from home there are some things you can do so that you keep on getting better and better! 

  1. Read a little bit every day. Read to yourselves, read to your grown- ups, read to your toys. 
  2. Have fun with your flashcards. Show your parents the pictures on the back of the cards and see if they can guess the sound on the front.
  3. Make words with your flashcards. Don’t forget to look for special friends first, then Fred talk and finally, read the words. Teach your grown- ups or your brothers and sisters “SPECIAL FRIENDS, FRED TALK, READ THE WORD!!!!"
  4. Ask your Mum or Dad to help you find daily phonics sessions on the internet. These can be found on Facebook and Youtube. You will need to visit and click on the picture that says “help during school closure “ The links to the daily lessons are all there. All of you should have a try with the speed sounds 1, 2 and 3 lessons. 
  5. You can also use phonics play for free while we are learning at home. Go to and type in the username:march20 and the password:home .There are lots of fun things to do on phonics play. 
  6. Pretend you are Fred and Fredtalk with your grown ups. Tell them that your favourite food is f , i, sh and ch, i, p, s and see if they know what you are saying. You can have lots of f,u,n with this !
  7. Ask your grown- ups to help you spell words. Use your Fred fingers to count the sounds just like you do in your phonics lessons and have a go at writing the words. Then show your grown- ups how we tick or fix our spellings.