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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J Wood (Head Teacher)
Mrs C Dunworth (Deputy Head Teacher)
Mrs H Fuller (Assistant Head Teacher & SENCO)
Ms G Johnson (Assistant Head Teacher & SENCO)
Mrs D Bairstow (Designated Safeguard Lead)
Mr S Bulmer (Acting School Business Manager

Admin Team

Mrs N Dugal (Administrative Assistant)
Miss A Nila (Administrative Assistant)
Mrs D O'Neill (Finance Manager)
Mrs L Parchment (Finance Officer)
Mrs S West (Receptionist)

Site Team

Mr C Cunnane (Site Manager)
Mr N Quinn (Superintendent)
Mr O Mohamed (Cleaner)
Mr M Saleh (Cleaner)
Mr C Taylor (Facilities Assistant)
Mrs H Tavares (Cleaner)
Mr O Taha (Cleaner)
Mrs M Te Cabral (Cleaner)
Miss B Thomson (Cleaner)
Miss J Thomson (Cleaner)
Mrs K Thornton (Cleaner)

Pastoral Support

Miss T Bravo (Learning Mentor)
Mr E Hyliger (Learning Mentor)
Miss S Evans (Parent Support Advisor)
Mrs J Parry (Parent Support Advisor)
Mrs D Illingworth (HLTA - EAL)
Mrs K Lad (HLTA - EAL)

Early Years Team

Mrs S Howell (Teacher)
Mrs K Revill (Teacher)
Miss C Wood (Early Years Lead)
Mrs H Filler (Teaching Assistant)
Miss E Murray (Nursery Officer)
Mrs L Selkirk (Nursery Officer)
Mrs N Tayub (Teaching Assistant)
Mr M Yeadon (Teaching Assistant)

Key Stage 1 Team

Miss H Bowley (Teacher)
Miss S Hobson (Teacher)
Miss E Jeffreys (Teacher)
Mrs E Johnson (Teacher)
Mrs C Pavlovic (Teacher)
Mrs H Rabbitt (Teacher)
Mr J Walker (Teacher)
Ms R Woodcock (Key Stage 1 Lead)
Mrs S Wyatt (Teacher)
Mrs A Alam (Teaching Assistant)
Miss S Flemming (Teaching Assistant)
Miss M Hack (Nursey Officer)
Mrs N Latif (Teaching Assistant)
Miss R Mohammed (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs C Tavares Black (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs A Winfield (Teaching Assistant)

Key Stage 2 Team

Miss S Bennett-Murray (Teacher)
Miss J Birch (Lower Key Stage 2 Lead)
Mr A Bulmer (Teacher)
Mrs K Clark (Teacher)
Mrs R Davey (Teacher)
Mr A Gibbons (Teacher)
Mrs N Howe (Upper Key Stage 2 Lead)
Miss J Jones (Teacher)
Mr P Lancaster (Teacher)
Miss L Pickett (Teacher)
Ms R Smith (Teacher)
Miss L Toovey (Teacher)
Miss V Williams (Teacher)
Mr L Chrouch (Teaching Assistant)
Miss S Cunningham (Cover Supervisor)
Miss D Holt (Cover Supervisor)
Miss F Hussain (HLTA)
Mrs L Hutchinson (Teaching Assistant)
Miss A Mahmood (Teaching Assistant)
Miss N N'Dure (Teaching Assistant)
Mr M Oakland (Teaching Assistant)
Miss D Parchment (Teaching Assistant)
Miss T Shabbir (Teaching Assistant)
Miss A Torr (Teaching Assistant)